EECO summer event in the nature

Every year we organize our company's summer trip to nature, and this year, on 29 July 2017, we went to the Gudašiai Farmstead. We stayed in a spacious house near the lake. The weather was fabulous, it was time to enjoy the wonderful company.

Our trip was scheduled for the whole weekend, so we were able to have a rest, and get even closer to each other. We spent a lot of fun time and enjoying delicious food. The restaurant "Armėnija" delighted us with the most delicious meals. As well as active entertainment, the company's employees are delighted with the "Ozi". This company is engaged in the organization of events. As it was a company trip, where the main goal was to get to know each other even more and learn how to work as a team, team-building training was organized in an indicative way. The basic principle of these training is that the members of the team try their colleagues to work together to help them with different team games.

Three teams were divided into: "Dantratis","Nežiniukai" and "EECO". The teams fought each other, which one will perform their tasks faster. The teams were given the same tasks in different forest areas. The staff had to solve various puzzles, form electrical circuits, show their voice skills and many other fun tasks. Finally, the teams were awarded medals. The first place went to the "Dantratis" team.

Later we played various outdoor games, in the evening we were sitting together and sharing the experiences of the day. Such fun and cozy company trips make the team even closer, and this is our goal - the good and friendly relations between the employees affect the team's unwavering work in the company and excellent results.