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Maintenance of a smoothly functioning IT infrastructure requires constant technical support and periodic updates. Not every company can afford to have an IT department that takes care of day-to-day IT systems support and routine work. Our custom outsourced IT services are a comprehensive range of IT support at affordable prices.

Safety solution support

We will analyze and evaluate your IT infrastructure. We will also advise you on how to improve the operating system. Every day, we will monitor the condition of your safety devices, repair it and regularly update your security system software.


Software installation

We carry out software installation and configuration work. We update the software, as well as extend licenses and so on.

Support/repair of computer equipment

We solve problems when we arrive at the customer or remotely. We are repairing network equipment / physical connections. Configure system settings. We supply replacement equipment on demand.

Operating system support

We will provide tips for improving the performance of Windows, Linux, or Unix operating systems. We will do the operating system configuration work, remove malfunctions, install OS updates and more.

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